Winning Together

Ħamrun Spartans launch social platform to contribute to positive community development

Ħamrun Spartans FC has formally launched its social platform, Ħamrun Ħanin, through which it will be seeking to maximise the potential that sport offers in our local communities to contribute towards a better and positive social development. Ħamrun Ħanin has been established as an independent entity with formal governance structures to ensure transparency and accountability and for the past twelve months has already established itself as a household name in the community by hosting a number of initiatives addressing issues such as human rights, safeguarding of children and the environment in the local community and beyond. It has also recently been approved as a Voluntary Organisaton by the OCVO.

Ħamrun Spartans FC has now entered into a formal agreement with Ħamrun Ħanin to ensure that while the latter retains its administrative independence, it provides a platform through which the Club can make a difference not only on the pitch but also beyond. Addressing a press briefing, Hamrun Spartans FC Chief Executive Officer Marcel Bonnici explained that the Club was looking to grow in three dimensions, these being sport, business and the social element. Mr Cassar explained that through these initiatives, Ħamrun Spartans was proving to be more than just a football club:

“We aspire to exploit our Sporting Platform to strengthen the communities around us. ‘Together’ explains our way of doing things, sharing One vision, One Community, One Hamrun. This is what Winning together is all about”.

Ħamrun Ħanin Chairman Ian Debattista explained that this voluntary organisation was born with twin objectives. The first was to highlight through tangible and visible action that the community of Ħamrun went beyond the stereotypes which are often portrayed about it – rather its a community which is always ready to support each other to pull through its most challenging moments. Secondly, it aimed to maximise the potential of that one element that unites the community – football – to ensure community development and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Ħamrun Ħanin will be focusing its activities around six strategic pillars, namely human rights, safeguarding of children, the environment, solidaity, diversity and inclusion and health and well-being. It has already established a series of collaborative efforts with other organisations on the island, including CSR Malta, enabling it to expand its scope of action. In its first months of existence it has already hosted a number of activities including a sports day for Ħamrun children and Ukrainian refugees, mental health training for sport leaders, player visits to schools and elderly homes, and collected funds and goods for charitable organisations, including Dar Bjorn, Foodbank Malta, Puttinu Cares among others.

Ħamrun Ħanin is also engaging with corporate partners, which can benefit from the visibility provided to such events while financial supporting this VO in reaching its objectives and thereby helping out a wider cohort of vulnerable people in the

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