Why Ħamrun Ħanin?

Googling the term Ħamrun will most likely bring up an array of negative news associating this historic town with crime and other persistent challenges. Through a mixture of partial reality and enhanced stereotyping, a distorted image of the locality is often misguidedly promoted through various channels, particularly via social media.

Yet Ħamrun is a rich town in its own ways. No wonder its people are passionate about it and while not necessarily maintaining their residence in it, continue to proudly associate themselves with it. Its football team, its three band clubs, its political establishments and other social associations are a display of commitment, passion and dedication to a cause which represents the whole community.

Ħamrun is also home to a vibrant commercial district and welcomes on its major streets a unique selection of international cuisine from different corners of the world.

But what probably characterises the spirit of Ħamrun is its ability to come together when times are tough. The compassion of its people. The readiness to help the neighbour in distress, the ability to put all differences aside for a common cause. It is this compassion which triggered the desire to create an organisation which exhalts such approach. Ħamrun Ħanin is intended to reflect this other version of Ħamrun: the version which unfortunately is much less likely to find space in the media, traditional or otherwise: the Ħamrun which cares.

Ħamrun Ħanin is not re-inventing the wheel: the Ħamruniżi have come together for a just cause many times. Rather, it seeks to give a vehicle to the many people who are ready to help, to join forces, channel their energy and address the key challenges which the locality is facing. Issues such as diversity and migration, the impact of a sprawling urban area on the environment, the safeguarding of childen and solidarity between people from different backgrounds.

Together, we can make a difference.

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