Ħamrun Ħanin signs agreement with Ħamrun Spartans FC Daikin School of Excellence

In a significant development for Ħamrun Ħanin, an agreement has been formalised and signed with the Ħamrun Spartans Daikin Football School of Excellence. This agreement entails a financial commitment aimed at bolstering the school’s efforts in fostering the future generation through the sport of football.

Facilitated by the generous support of the Alberta Group, this collaboration’s initial funding will be allocated towards a social project mutually agreed upon by all involved parties. This initiative underscores a collective dedication to leveraging sports, specifically football, for community development and positive endeavours.

Ian Debattista, Chairman Hamrun Hanin, said: “We are thrilled about this collaboration with the local football nursery, or as it is known today the Football School of Excellence. By offering financial support, we are not just nurturing a passion for football; we are investing in shaping the future citizens of our community through the values and discipline instilled by the beautiful game.” –

The two sides also agreed to collaborate on a number of social related projects and to involve the School’s upcoming footballers in social events organised by Ħamrun Ħanin.

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