Ħamrun Ħanin and Miss Ħamrun to collaborate in raising funds and awareness on cancer research

Ħamrun Ħanin has signed a collaborative agreement with Miss Ħamrun and contestant for Miss Malta Bethany Ann Grech Spiteri.  Through this collaboration, we will support Miss Hamrun in her efforts to raise awareness and funds on cancer research.

Ms Grech Spiteri will be specifically raising funds for the The University of Malta’s Research Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT).

RIDT aims to strengthen investment in high-calibre research and development across every faculty and department within the University, and on a national level.

Through this collaboration, Miss Hamrun will also be facilitating contacts between Hamrun Hanin and the cancer research community so that the latter will be able to host prevention-related health talks on different type of cancer which afflict the Maltese society in larger numbers.

Ian Debattista, Hamrun Hanin Chairman said: “We were deeply moved by the commitment and perserverance shown by Miss Hamrun to this cause, and we feel that despite coming from the different worlds of beauty and sport, we have a very similar objective: that of using a popular platform to bring veritable change in communities around us”.

Miss Hamrun said: “I am very excited to work hand in hand with Hamrun Hanin to raise awararness and funds for such a worthwhile cause. It is worth rememebering that some 2,500 new cases of cancer emerge in Malta every single year with some 1,000 not surviving. This is a huge battle for all of us, but every life that can be saved, it is worth fighting for”.

The public can donate to this cause through this link: https://researchtrustmalta.eu/donate/?cause=cancer

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